NAUCC Facility Available for Use by the General Public



It is the mission of the New Ark to share our facility with others needing space. We charge a small fee to cover utility and cleaning expenses, bathroom products, and trash bags. Our Administrative Assistant and our Building Use team determine the availability and acceptability of requests for use and place a high priority on those providing enrichment to the community. They may decline requests if they are deemed incompatible with our space and mission or present a liability that the church cannot accept.



Spaces available, all handicapped accessible, are as follows:



To inquire or to request a rental, download the contract and fill out the rental application located at the bottom of this page and mail it to New Ark UCC, 300 East Main Street, Newark, DE 19711; please note "rental" on the envelope. You will be contacted for finalizing the details of your rental request. A building tour can be arranged.



Fees are set for half-day use (up to four hours) and full-day use (more than four hours)

The fees vary according to the category of use. 1) Members may reserve space for an event at no charge; donations appreciated. 2) Nonprofits are offered a 25% discount. 2) Multiple-use groups are offered a 10% discount.(Past multiple-users' rental fees will not change during the current year.)

Parking is available for 24 vehicles on site, with other parking nearby. Handicapped parking is available and our building is handicapped accessible. Entrance to the building will be arranged by our Administrative Assistant. Please do not park in spaces marked 'RESERVED.'

Set-up and clean up is the responsibility of the user. We expect the building to be left in the condition in which you found it, including the bathrooms and most especially the kitchen.

We now require a $300 deposit (due two weeks before the rental) to cover any extra cleaning or any repairs to our facility from damage caused during your rental of our property. This amount will be returned in full if our facility is reasonably clean and undamaged following your rental. This deposit should be a separate check so that it can be returned easily.

Trash/Garbage should be taken to the large garbage bins in the parking lot. Add clean garbage bags to the garbage bins inside the building; the church will provide clean bags and will inform the renters of the location of cleaning supplies and garbage bags.

Recyclables (clean paper, plastic, glass, and cardboard) should go into the blue recycle bins in the parking lot (please no garbage in those blue bins).

Weekend renters: Saturday renters must leave the church ready for worship on Sunday; clean and neat, chairs arranged as you found them upon arrival, trash removed, etc. Sunday renters may not use the building for their activity, including set-up, before 2 p.m.

Lock up: It is very important that all doors to the outside of the building be checked to ensure that they are fully closed and locked when you leave the building:

  1. Front door;
  2. Back door;
  3. Kitchen door;
  4. Nursery door (children's room off of Wells Hall);
  5. Classroom door (back room off of the Sanctuary), and
  6. Wells Hall side door.

If you have been loaned a key to the building, please return it to the Administrative Assistant's desk.

Other questions/information: Please contact our Administrative Assistant. If you are unable to reach anyone, please call the church office at (302) 737-4711, Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If the office is closed, emergency numbers are: (410) 398-6844, (302) 368-8482 or (410) 398-4590. For fire, injury or police, call 911.



There are 12 parking spaces for rent at the rear of the building on the east side facing Kelway Plaza. Rentals can be per semester, an entire school year, a calendar year (12 months) or during the summer months. A form is located below along with FAQs.



You may want to check out our FAQs page for more information.